INTERVIEW: Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale talks about Carnival Of Madness, TV show obsessions and more.

Rockers Halestorm are back at it on the road and are ready to rock in a city near you. They are spending the rest of the spring in the U.S. then will be heading over to Europe in June.

Halestorm is currently one of the hottest rock bands touring and includes lead vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale, her brother drummer Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger, and bassist Josh Smith.

Lzzy recently took time out of her hectic schedule to answer some questions about their fist headlining arena show, their upcoming stint on the Carnival Of Madness tour and more.


STATIC NOISE: What was going through your mind when you stepped out onto your first headlining arena stage?
LZZY: It was very surreal, it’s always been about the journey for me…I love that I can still after 18 years get that same tingling feeling, and that those milestones still continue to amaze me.

STATIC NOISE: Since you’ve headlined an arena what else is on your professional or personal bucket list?
LZZY: I want to create and perform music for the rest of my life. That’s the be all end all goal. I’d love to sing with the Heart sisters, I’d like to own a house, ummm exercise more… Haha!

STATIC NOISE: Are their any cities or countries that you’ve traveled to that you would go back for just to vacation in?
LZZY: Yes! Alaska! I just loved it there!

STATIC NOISE: You do a lot of your own social media management. How do you keep up with all of the trends and changes in the sites?
LZZY: I don’t really keep up with anything. I just kind of roll with it. If I’m behind on updates… Someone on Twitter usually says something.

STATIC NOISE: What does a typical day of interaction on Twitter look like? Is there a specific thing you look for when responding to fans?
LZZY: I get off on being extremely honest online. I’m a bad liar anyway and never bought into the whole “mystique ” thing. So I enjoy having real conversations about life with everyone on Twitter.

STATIC NOISE: How did you come up with the idea for #LzzysPicksAroundTheWorld? Do you have any plans on expanding on that idea?
LZZY: #LzzysPicksAroundTheWorld started way back in the day on some of our first tours ever. I would hide picks with the band name everywhere, even on days off… Then people started coming to shows telling me they found my pick in a Walmart tennis shoe and ended up checking us out. It evolved over the years to a fun game of finders keepers. I created the hashtag so people can keep track! Dunlop was nice enough to make me special picks for my adventures!

4 #LzzysPicksAroundTheWorld hidden tonight at the Ritz, Raleigh NC! Hints are in the picture!

A photo posted by LZZY HALE (@officiallzzyhale) on

STATIC NOISE: Do either of you have any current obsessions with TV shows, music, book series or movies? If so what are they?  
LZZY: Yes! I love The Walking Dead, House Of Cards and Daredevil… Currently obsessed with 11/22/63 and looking forward to Game Of Thrones!

STATIC NOISE: You have done several collaborations in the past with artists and bands. Are there any other artists or bands that the band as a whole want to collaborate on a song with?
 LZZY: Oh of course. Pink, Heart, Foo Fighters and Metallica!

STATIC NOISE: I has been just over a year since Into The Wild Life was released. What is next on the album front? Are you currently writing or planning your next release yet? 
LZZY: I write every day. You gotta flex that muscle! I have a collection of songs that may or may not go on the next record. Currently we are gearing up to do another cover EP and release a live cd/dvd.

STATIC NOISE: Can you give fans any hints to what you may have up your sleeve for the upcoming Carnival of Madness shows?
LZZY: for COM we are gearing up to do something visually we’ve never done. Something we always do is switch the setlists up every night. So that people who are coming to multiple shows don’t see the same thing twice! We plug in and play… No tracks or trickery… So in that aspect anything could happen!

STATIC NOISE: How does the band and crew keep sane and in sync on the road? Do you ever do any team building events all together?
LZZY: It’s like a family. We go on what we call ” band and crew dates” on days off. The other day we all went to a baseball game, sometimes we go bowling, or see a movie. Most of all though, we just have a really great team… Everyone is passionate about their jobs, are team players and have a great vibe. I literally laugh every single day to the point of tears because I enjoy this group so much.

STATIC NOISE: What would you say to a fan who is on the fence about coming out to one of your shows? (can be any words of encouragement to come out on a weeknight or spend to their hard earned cash on the show)
LZZY: We pride ourselves on separating the live show from the album. They are two different animals, most people say we are 10x more energetic at shows. All in all we have a great time, the audience is involved, it’s a push and pull where we can all make moments together! And if you’ve never watched my little brother AREJAY on the drums… You haven’t really lived yet.

Catch Halestorm out on their headlining tour NOW and this summer on the Carnival Of Madness tour with Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry and Whiskey  Myers. See photos from their first ever headlining arena show here.

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