INTERVIEW: Chase Bryant refreshing new country artist

Photo by: Joseph Llanes
Photo by: Joseph Llanes

The country music scene has exploded and there is no shortage of new and emerging artist. Among all of the new and pop style country taking over country radio, Red Bow recording artist Chase Bryant brings his rock n’ roll roots in his country music. Bryant’s creatively descriptive way with words in his lyrics is another key ingredient that distinguishes his music among other new country artist.

Bryant’s music is in the realm of country rocking artist such as Eric Church, Frankie Ballard and Bryant’s label mates Parmalee. Bryant’s music is still country, but you can really hear in his guitar riffs that artist such as Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac are his influences.

“All of my original influences branch out from the rock n roll world and the heritage guys of Nashville, like Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, artists like that,” Bryant said.

Bryant embarked on his first headlining tour last year called the “Take it on Back Tour,” with his good friend DJ Hish. This spring and summer Bryant will be on various music festival bills with some headline shows sprinkled in the mix.

“I wasn’t quite ready for a full blown headlining tour, you know doing months of extensive touring. I think it’s more like a ‘let’s go back and hit these areas we didn’t get to hit on the Take it On Back Tour.’ So that’s where this tour comes from and it’s a bunch of scattered dates,” Bryant said.

Bryant is known for his “family history” of musicians. Even though he had some prior connections and a natural knack for music, Bryant worked hard to pave his own career path. Bryant added “I had to really learn to walk into a room and be prepared, I had to have a great idea. I had to have a great hook or a great melody when I was writing songs,” Bryant said. Bryant started playing professionally at the young age of 16 out in LA before moving to Nashville six years ago.

Bryant is still relatively new to country radio only having two singles, “Little Bit Of You,” and “Take it on Back,” yet he still knows how to put on an incredible show. Bryant has an amazing stage presence and has a way with charming a crowd.

“I’m not a guy who is going to play 10 cover songs in a set to get people to listen to me,” Bryant explained. “The thing I like to do the most is to go in and convince people that there are more hits in that batch then just the two that are on the radio. So for me, it’s going in and try to be convincing and let a crowd know and for me that is just being yourself and don’t try to be anyone else and conquer a room that way. And there are times it works and there are times it doesn’t. It’s just willing to learn from mistakes and daring to suck.”

Country radio needs more rocking country artist like Bryant spinning over the airwaves. Country fans who haven’t heard of Bryant need to make sure they catch this talented artist on tour this summer. Especially in a small club setting before he explodes! On May 6th at Kegs Canal Side, Syracuse NY are going to be one of the lucky cities that Bryant will be playing a headlining show. If you want to have a country rocking night and check out this amazing new artist, be sure and come out to the show to see Bryant NOT suck!

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